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Sun. Jul 26th 2015
Update 6/29-7/5

Company 46 was dispatched to five calls for the week ending July 5th:June 30:          0317 hours, I...

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Sun. Jul 26th 2015
Update 6/22-6/28

Company 46 was dispatched to eight calls for the week ending June 28:June 22:          1318 hours, 4...

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Sun. Jul 26th 2015
Update 6/15-6/21

Company 46 was dispatched to 5 calls for the week ending June 21:June 16:          1104 hours, KU GB...

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News Headlines
Mon. Sep 29th 2014
Start of New Rescue 46

The following pictures are the start of our new Sutphen / SVI Rescue due early 2015.

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Mon. May 12th 2014
Company purchases new E-Draulic Tools

We have recently purchased a Hurst E-Draulic System in preparation for our new Rescue truck due to be in service in early 201...

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Sun. Jun 2nd 2013
Company 46 personnel complete Specialized Vehicle Rescue Class

A dozen personnel from Company 46 recently completed Specialized Vehicle Rescue. The personnel were working Saturday June 1st...

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For Immediate Public Release:          September 15, 2016


In light of ongoing events across the nation and in response to threats made against ALL emergency services personnel on a nationwide level, the Kutztown Fire Department has taken measures to protect our members.  One of these measures was the recent purchase of protective vests.  Our members will be wearing these vests when responding to all medical calls, calls of a high-risk nature, and other incidents where the wearing of the vests is deemed necessary for our members’ safety.

Some of these “high-risk” calls include anytime a weapon has been used in an assault or attack, as well as calls where illicit drugs are present and the potential for someone to be influenced by them exists.  There have been multiple incidents in our region where first responders have been attacked and injured while rendering aid to people who had used drugs and become unresponsive, unconscious, or nearly deceased; only to be revived and lash-out.  There have been other incidents where first responders have been summoned to provide care, only to be ambushed upon arriving on the scene.  So far, none of these have occurred here with us, but we will not wait until it does to take action.

Please do not be alarmed when you see our members arrive on a scene wearing these vests.  We are not police officers and we do not intend to portray them.  We are here to help all of you in your times of need and we all want to go home to our loving families afterwards.

This decision was not an easy one to be made by the chief officers.  We understand perceived impressions and strive to maintain that we are average members of the community that volunteer to help others in difficult times.  We do recognize, however, that the social atmosphere of this country has changed and is not going to return to the way it was anytime soon.  For that reason, we must do our best to ensure that we will be around for tomorrow’s times of need.

Thank you for your understanding of this matter and for your continued support of your local volunteers.

-The Chief Officers



The Kutztown Fire Company proudly serves the Borough of Kutztown, Maxatawny Township, Greenwich Township, and Kutztown University. We average 400 to 450 calls annually, and cover 40 square miles. 

Our coverage area includes a state university, residential areas, a portion of Interstate 78 and Rte 222, a vast rural population, and a light industrial section. 

The Truck Crew consists of approximately 60 volunteer members who are ready to serve the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our fleet consists of 6 pieces of apparatus. 


2016 Executive Officers
President - Scott Horan
Vice President - Keith Miller
Treasurer - Dale Rothermel
Recording Secretary - William Greenawald
2016 Truck Crew Chief/Line Officers

Chief 46 - Eric Diehl

Deputy 46 - Mike Russo

Assistant 46 - Donald Battista

Assistant 46-1 - Dale Rothermel

Captain 46 - Todd Evans

Lieutenant 46 - Joe Tukovits

Lieutenant 46-1 - Jeff Lillie 

Fire Marshal - Robert Hauck

Asst. Fire Marshal - George Kusterer








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