Fire Marshal's Office

Kutztown Fire Department Fire Marshal's Office

The Kutztown Fire Department Fire Marshal's Office was created in 2015 after a need for more assistance with fire prevention and investigation was recognized.  The members of the Office handle all aspects of fire prevention and education as well as the investigation of all fires within Kutztown Borough and the areas of Maxatawny and Greenwich Townships that are covered by the Kutztown Fire Department.  All members of the Office are also members of the Department, with some also serving as chief officers and line officers.

In the near future, the KFD Fire Marshal's Office (FMO) will provide fire-safety inspections to residents, business owners, and property owners.  Having a fire safety inspection of your property would potentially have a positive impact on your insurance rates for your property, as well as serving as a peace-of-mind for you and the community.  These inspections will be separate from any inspections performed by the Codes Offices, as the FMO has not and will not replace the Codes Office for the Borough of Kutztown, Maxatawny Township, or Greenwich Township; and as such, you must continue to obtain all applicable permits and submit renovation plans to your municipality's Codes Office.  Any and all applicable inspections needed for improvements, renovations, or construction of any kind must continue to be handled through your Codes Office.  This will not be changing in the future.

Also, please be mindful of the burning ordinances for your municipality.  Click here to check what your municipality's burning ordinance is.

Fire Marshal

Robert Hauck

Assistant Fire Marshal

George Kusterer


Mike Russo


Matt Riegel

Donnie Battista

Phil Wheeler

Keith Miller

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